MIA Photo Fair – Presentazione CARA [mia] PELLE DIMENTICATA

di Francesca Cristin

MIA Photo Fair

//www.miafair.it/dal 29 aprile al 2 maggio  – Milano –The MALL Porta Nuova Varesine 

Piazza Lina Bo Bardi 1 editoria T6A – book signing e presentazioni

a cura di Cristina Burelli – LIBRERIA MARTINCIGH – www.libreriamartincigh.com

PRESENTAZIONE  29 venerdì ore 19.00


16 libri d’artista con un originale in copia unica, firmato e numerato


16 artist’s books with an original on one print , signed and numbered

A project of women as seen by themselves creating an intimate dialogue with their own body through the eye of the camera.

I believe that photography allows us to communicate with ourselves, with every intimate detail of not only our bodies but also our souls- in other words “our skin””.

This project is made for women of all ages, backgrounds , religions and creeds in an attempt to trace a map of the ‘skin’ of women It started life with the wish to focus on parts of the female body taken singularly; each part taken seperately that when united would create a portrait of Woman.

A part, a chosen fragment, whether loved or hated, insignificant or essential, that has been forgotten.

A forgotten fragment crying out to be noticed, to be brought to light, a fragment of the whole, a fragment of themselves.

Each of the women involved freely chose the part of their body they wished to be portrayed, that fragment of ‘skin’ ready to emerge.

I began this project in March 2014 with the desire to give voice to women through an intrinsic dialogue with their own bodies and soul: their ‘skin’ as seen through the lense of my camera.

A dialogue between the photographic images, the written words, and the voices, of the women themselves, miraculously bringing to light their most vivid dreams, their hopes, and their beauty.

The complete work is accompanied by an audio of these women telling, through these delicate images, words and sound, their stories.